The exhibits within the RIVC tell of the area’s earliest known Native American inhabitants, the British fort built here in the 18th century, the renowned Rogers’ Rangers, and Fort Edward’s roles during the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars. The RIVC’s interior exhibits are fully handicapped accessible.

The RIVC is located on Rogers Island in the Hudson River in the Village of Fort Edward.  A trip to the center isn’t complete without exploring the island’s gardens, memorials and exterior exhibits.  Tour the grounds and enjoy the view from one of our picnic tables.  Click below to learn more.


18th Century Life on Rogers Island & Fort Edward

A replica colonial house, store, soldier’s living quarters & more bring 18th life around Fort Edward to life. View historic artifacts unearthed during the archaeological excavations on the Island.

Little Wood Creek Archaeological Site

Archaeological excavations in advance of a sewer project unearthed evidence of both the historic fort and prehistoric settlements dating back to about 1300 B.C. Learn more about and see some of the more than 80,000 artifacts discovered during the excavation.

Historic Fort Edward

From maps, diagrams, and a large scale model to an original timber of the historic fort, the RIVC offers many opportunities to learn about historic Fort Edward and its surroundings.

Historic Industry in Fort Edward

Fort Edward has historically been home to various industries. While most known for its paper mills, several other historic industries called Fort Edward their homes. 

Grounds, Gardens & Outdoor Exhibits

Fort Edward Patriot Garden & Veterans Memorial

Located at the entrance to the Rogers Island Visitors Center grounds, this large flower garden was planted as a 911 memorial and provides a beautiful landscape surrounding the Fort Edward Veterans Memorial.

Explore, learn, relax….the RIVC grounds

Walk the grounds and learn more about Rogers Island and Fort Edward from our outdoor exhibits. Visit the memorials to Robert Rogers, his Rangers and other French & Indian War soldiers. Enjoy your packed lunch or just relax and enjoy the beautiful view from one of the benches or picnic tables located on the grounds.

“….the modern village of Fort Edward has grown over the ruins of the fort, but most of Rogers Island was never built upon…a beautiful natural setting, where eagles, the red tail hawk, ravens, crows and song birds fly over the island, and where deer, coyote, foxes, rabbits, woodchucks, and reptiles are often seen living on, or crossing, the island…nature trails and the viewing of wildlife will always be an important aspect of visits to Rogers Island.”

— Dr. David Starbuck